"[Betsy] traffics in the delight of a mythic return to childhood -- a Peter Pan of art -- with sparkling and functional design pieces that portray the delicacies of nature at its most small and fragile....Betsy's work eschews the fear she sees motivating adulthood, encouraging viewers to experience the world for an evening of 'child-like wonder, ultimate safety, and excited discovery.'"

-Jennifer Burns Bright, for Lagom Magazine. 

"Your ability to get to the deeper essence of things is remarkable! You reveal the universe so often hidden and missed! Thank you Betsy for sharing your vision!"

-Bill Gray

"There is a breathtaking magic to your artistry that I can't help but be enchanted with. I'm grateful ... I was able to purchase a ticket to attend the dinner -- or, more appropriately, the experience that you created. Taking part in that was...well, it was simply amazing. The clever play on flavors and foods, the presentation of beauty, the balance of black and white. The drinks that accompanied it, the poetic and story-lined delivery of the night, the setting... And the hand-crafted dishes, along with a book of photographic memories and a complete accounting of the menu and your thoughts. It was so complete, and so completely unexpected and delightful. 

I happily and gratefully look forward to your future endeavors and being able to witness your art. I'm constantly mesmerized by what you explore and the ideas you so richly bring to life."

-Kaden Sinclair, a guest and sponsor of Chiaroscuro

"Betsy, I attended Eat Dirt with my husband Kevin. He tends to be a bit skeptical about staged events but he was completely and entirely engaged by course after course coming onto the table in the most spectacular presentations. So was I. The level of anticipation and excitement among 32 people at the sparkley, well-lit table reached fever pitch with the ash-covered pear bites presented amidst a swirling mist, and was never disappointing, helped along by the astute wine pairings by Nicholas Keeler. It all culminated in the wonderful "eat dirt" dessert with the little picks and shovels provided to dig for crumbs of mysterious sweetness under amethyst geode lights. It was certainly the most adventurous dinner in which we have ever participated, and I say "participated" because we weren't just served, we didn't just eat; we were asked to wield hammers and shovels, we poured wine cooled with dry ice back and forth between glasses, we crunched, inhaled, and pounded our way through an evening of delights delectable for all the senses." 

-Emily Silver, a guest at EatDirt

"I didn’t know what to expect when I read the description for Betsy’s artistic food experience, Grovfôr. I’m not sure I even knew what an artistic food experience was! But this night was magical. Betsy and her crew transformed a concrete brewing room into a wonderland that would make any fae princess (or prince) proud. Her mushroom-shaped confections were displayed on magnificent stumps pulled from an Idaho lake. Hand-dyed netting was artistically hanging like moss from ancient trees. The scene was unbelievable but took a backseat to the incredible treats designed and created by Betsy. It was an evening that had to be experienced to be believed and I’m so glad I was there."

-Cindy Marlow, a guest at Grovfor

"One of our family's most memorable summer evenings was a "purple" party at Betsy Hinze's. It began with the discovery of a purple fern engraved with an invitation. We appeared the next evening, dressed in purple, and dined on delicious, locally foraged and colored foods, all in various shades of purple, on handmade purple glassware. Our girls still talk about that evening as one of their favorite events they've ever attended." 

-Jenny Jonak, a guest at Lady Fern's Soiree

"I attended Betsy’s Chiaroscuro event with my daughter, Brooke. It was an evening of celebrating both the dark and the light of life…in this case food, drink, and semi-formal dress. Every dish and drink came in shades of either white or black, most of the participants wore black and/or white, and an amazing photographer, Charlie Novak took black and white photographs of the participants. The creativity that went into this event is incredible and I’ve come to expect nothing less from the mind of Betsy Hinze. Each experience pushes the boundaries of what she’s already accomplished. A Betsy Hinze: Artist Experience is not to be missed."

-Cindy Marlow, a guest and sponsor of Chiaroscuro

"Drive 50+ miles on a winding road and hike a logging trail in semi-formal clothing through a burned-out forest. Sound like a disaster? It was anything but! Especially since at the end of the hike there was an otherworldly Forest Fairy Princess with a table set for an incredible tea-time feast. Did I mention that the invitations for this event were discovered in the self-help sections of local bookstores? Would people searching for self-awareness be open to a surprise invitation by an unknown entity to attend an event where the location, date, and time had yet to be disclosed? 10 adventurous spirits responded and were rewarded with an afternoon of absolute delight. We dined on black sesame mochi with sweet fillings; black garlic, juniper, and parsnip ash cheesy twig crackers; and chocolate roulade cake filled with rose hip jam and whipped cream spiked with rose hip-infused whiskey. We sipped tea with the option of adding homemade mesquite honey syrup, pine nut whiskey, or bitters. We wrote notes about something, somewhere, or someone that we had been thinking about and gathered around a fire (tended carefully by Mike) to share, either aloud or silently, whether we would like to fan the idea (the ember) back to life or let it go. After the food and ritual, the Fairy Princess gave us gift bags with handmade forest-scented incense to help our sense memory of smell return us to this magical place. I left with grateful memories of an afternoon spent in the presence of something mystical. Thanks, Betsy for a incredible adventure!"

-Cindy, a guest at Ember